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Laser & Skin Testimonials

A New Image Laser and Skin Care Clinic Testimonials

A New Image Laser and Skin Care Clinic is committed to provide the absolute best laser and skin care services possible. Our primary goal is to have satisfied and happy clients in every treatment session.

What our Clients Says:

I Love the Results

I am very happy with the laser hair removal process which I am receiving at “A New Image.” Before walking into A New Image, I had shopped around and researched much information on the internet. When I met Cindy, she immediately put me at ease about the process, thoroughly explaining everything. After I told her what I wanted done and that I was just shopping around, she stated that she would beat any other price. I asked her to give me a quote and without her knowing what the other place wanted, her price came in under the competitor. With a good price and a comfortable feeling, I told her she has my business and I started my laser hair removal treatment with her.
- Johnny -

You are the Best!

Laser hair removal on my eyebrows is great. I was surprised that I had no swelling, hardly any redness, no soreness, nothing! The only funny thing is when the hairs start growing. Little black dots but now they are all gone. Looking forward to my next treatment! You are the best!
- Susan T. -

Professional & Considerate

I am naturist male. Grooming is important to me. I had been shaving my stomach and pubic areas for years. My wife didn’t like the roughness of the shaved hairs, so I researched ways of permanent hair removal. I just wasn’t comfortable with the laser techs in our hometown of Pueblo. I called all of the laser hair removal clinics in Colorado Springs and had an excellent response from Cindy Goodman. She was the only one to speak with me honestly about my expectations. My wife and I love the results. Even sex is better being hair free. Cindy is professional and considerate. I recommend her to everyone!
- Larry -

Meticulous Attention to Detail

I have known Cindy Goodman since February 2005 when it was first determined that I would benefit from treatments involving her specialties of laser skin care and electrolysis. I interviewed nearly half a dozen clinicians including Cindy before starting treatments. I found her to be the most professional, honest, and informative of all I spoke with and visited. During my first treatment I was put at ease by her congenial personality. She was very personable and easygoing in a casual and calming way, yet very exacting and professional in her work.
- Jim -

She Never Left Me Waiting

I was very impressed to learn that she had been in her profession for more than 17 years. I have always been one to engage with Cindy in conversation regarding treatments I was receiving and my progress with those treatments. She never left me waiting for an answer to any question about my concerns and would not let me leave her clinic with any lack of understanding about what to expect post-treatment or for any upcoming treatment. She always encouraged me to telephone or come to the clinic if I felt something was amiss or my post-treatment recovery was not as explained.
- Carol -

Consummate Professional

I have received nearly seventy-five laser or electrolysis treatment sessions to date. Thanks to her meticulous attention to detail I have not a single adverse reaction to any treatment she has administered. She has always been willing to adjust her schedule to meet my needs. I consider her to be the consummate professional. I have the utmost trust and confidence in Cindy and her clinic and would not hesitate to recommend Cindy Goodman and her clinic for your consideration regarding your own personal skin care needs.
- Richard S. -

Extremely Knowledgeable

I became interested in laser hair removal last year when a friend shared she had laser hair removal on her legs. After feeling her incredibly smooth legs, I knew this was something I would be interested in doing. Of course, I knew nothing about this procedure, so I went to the Internet to pull up as much information as possible. Wow, was there a lot of information! My husband found A New Image and I made an appointment for a free consult. I met with Cindy Goodman and she was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns. I really like the personal care received from A New Image. I just completed my second treatment on my underarms, bikini line and lower legs. I am extremely pleased with the reduction of hair in one treatment and can’t wait to see the results of the second treatment and ultimately my last treatment. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to A New Image!
- Chris Quiroz -

Suffered from Acne

Anyone who has suffered from acne and has had to deal with these unsightly scars, knows exactly what I mean. All I can say is; do yourself a favor and call A New Image and see for yourself!
- Jeffrey Santaite -

Professional, Gentle & Thorough

Over the past eight years, I have been a client of Cindy Goodman, owner of A New Image Laser and Skin Care Clinic. I depend upon her to remove unwanted hairs as they appear upon me. Cindy is very professional, gentle and thorough in her work and is always pleasant. She gives recommendations without pressuring me. I highly recommend her work and care.
- N.W. -

Speed & Precision

I feel very pleased with the facial services that I’ve had done here. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. The electrolysis work I had done was performed with such speed & precision that it saved a great deal on the cost. With my experience so far I would continue with other services that are offered.
- C.S. CeCe -

Almost No Hair

Legs are doing great. The under arms are AWESOME. There is almost no hair that grows there. It just goes to show how well the lasers work on dark hair and light skin that never sees the sun.
- Nicole -

A Real Difference

After only two laser treatments at A New Image, I have noticed a real difference in my appearance. I have seen a significant decrease in the number of hairs growing on my upper lip and chin, which was a real problem because of my hair being so thick and dark. My husband surprised me one evening by commenting on the noticeable change, which confirms my belief that the laser treatments were a good decision.
- Dorothy G -

Little Brown Spots Are Gone

Little Brown Spots Are Gone “I am very pleased with the results from the treatment, the little brown spots are gone and my skin looks great. I am very happy with the rescue balm as well. Thank you for the treatment and the advice.”
- Yana -

Laser hair removal at a great price.

The office is comfortable and in a great location. Cindy is very professional. I feel she is very up front with the costs and how many treatments one may need as it will vary from person to person. I have been coming to A New Image since 2009 and feel I have 100% seen improvement in my hair removal endeavors. I am grateful to A New Image for helping me achieve this goal at an honest and very obtainable price.
I fully recommend A New Image for laser hair removal. I have also had the pleasure of having a facial and chemical peel by Bridgette.The service was very reasonable priced. I saw great results from the peel. The service at A New Image is wonderful! Great results!
- Josephine T. -

I'm very pleased with my hair removal job.

I have really thick black hair and I had removed my underarm hair - so very happy to not have to deal with it anymore! My friend highly recommended her and I liked her results - so why not? This was my first laser hair removal experience and I felt entire process went smoothly.
I worked with Cindy and she was really sweet and accommodating. The office atmosphere is comfortable and quiet. It didn't break my wallet - the price was affordable. Overall, I'm very content with my removal and the service.
- B. B. Berkeley, CA -

Love Cindy and Abigail.

Great customer service and very reasonable prices. In truth, I somewhat hesitate to tell you about them since it'll make it harder for me to get an appt..
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- B. B. Berkeley, CA -