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Years ago laser hair removal was not as common or readily available procedure as it is today. That was in part due to high cost and the technology being in its infancy to treat ethnic skin and different hair color. Today, people of all walks of life, ages, and skin types have laser hair removal done regularly on different body parts thanks to advanced technology and affordability.

At A New Image Laser Hair Removal Clinic we understand that the money you spend with us is not mere indulgence but rather a long term investment in your skin’s health and hence we designed the right programs to meet your needs. There is no startup fee and the savings with your contract are so tremendous that the membership pays for itself on your 2nd visit.

Here’s how the program works: Sign up for one of the following 4 programs below and submit your information along with your credit card payment authorization and you’re on your way to great savings.

Plan 1: 1 area $49/month

Plan 2: 2 areas $69/month

Plan 3: 3 areas $89/month

Plan 4: Unlimited/full body $129/month

Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Front and Back of Neck
Chest and Back are each 3 Areas

Please call for pricing on one time treatments.