What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal treatment

For people wanting laser hair removal in Colorado Springs , the options for skilled and experienced hair removal are many. Services are available online and over the phone, and professionals in different types of hair removal are ample. Nevertheless, choosing a laser hair removal expert and clinic calls for some careful consideration. The professionals at A New Image, are qualified to guide you through your laser hair removal journey.

Using Lasers

You may have heard that any laser can be utilized on any hair and skin type. While it is true that any laser can easily be used on any hair and skin type, you’ll find specialty choices that can easily be a much better choice for specific hair and skin types. With light skin and dark hair, the Alexandrite long pulse and diode lasers are extremely effective. For people of color, such as African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, European, and Middle-Eastern peoples, Nd:YAG long pulse lasers are the very best option. Check out the sort of laser offered at the clinic and discuss  your particular skin and hair type.

Which Doctor?

Laser hair removal in Colorado Springs is carried out either by a specifically trained technician or a physician. Regardless of whether a doctor or technician does the hair removal procedure, the individual carrying out the process should be well-trained and in a position to answer all questions. Remember that laser hair treatment is not taught in Med school, so a medical doctor without skilled training might not be the best choice. Experience is a much better indicator of skill, so the technician or physician really should have lots of experience. The professionals at A New Image are well trained and equipped to help their clients.


Laser hair removal only kills your hair during the active phase of growth, so eliminating all the hair in a specific area can take 6 to 8 procedures over 6 to 10 weeks. Because of the way hair grows, it can take numerous treatments to target all the hair in a particular area. While hair need to be substantially decreased after a number of treatments, some individuals with certain hair types and hereditary dispositions may require more treatments.

Call A New Image today, to schedule a consultation. This revolutionary treatment is taking the beauty world by storm, and A New Image is proud to provide such amazing innovations.

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