Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Is laser hair removal permanent? This question has been repeatedly asked by patients who want long term solution for their body hair problem.

Here is a quick look of some laser hair removal systems and how to achieve permanent body hair loss.

Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Currently, there are five major laser treatments for hair removal. These laser treatments are indicated for different skin types.

Most dermatologists recommend the IPL treatment. This method offers painless laser hair removal, permanent body hair loss, and ideal for all skin types.

Some laser hair removal systems, like YAG and Diode procedures, promises permanent hair loss but they are somewhat painful. But these methods have fewer dermatological side effects compared to other systems.

Long Term Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The key to permanent body hair loss is long term treatment. Because your hair grows in a cycle, new growth will naturally arise after a few weeks or months.

If you only undergo a single session of laser hair removal, permanent body hair loss cannot be achieved. So it would be best to ask your dermatologist what is the ideal cycle for your permanent hair removal treatment.

Monthly Sessions for Hair Loss Procedures

Currently, most dermatologists suggest monthly laser treatment for hair removal. For best results, seven sessions are enough to have permanent hair loss.

This means seven months of continued laser hair removal. Permanent body hair loss would be evident by then.

You must expect though that some growth may occur during treatment. It is perfectly okay to shave them off. Besides, after your body hair loss therapy, you can throw that shaver away.

Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Maintenance

In every therapy, maintenance is important to avoid relapse. This is also true with permanent hair loss treatment.

So, after your successful seven-month laser hair removal, permanent hair loss maintenance procedures must be undertaken.

Most dermatologists suggest annual or semi-annual laser hair removal procedures. The regular laser hair removal maintenance will ensure zero growth.

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This laser hair loss maintenance is especially important for blonds and white-haired patients. That’s because most cases of re-growth occurred to patients with this kinds of hairs. This is also true for patients with skin types 1 or 2.

Complete laser hair removal, permanent body hair loss, and absence of re-growth can be achieved with monthly treatments. You can also maintain zero body hair with annual laser hair loss treatment maintenance.

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