Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Skin Care

This is one of the most common questions of people thinking about trying out laser hair removal treatment. The simple answer is that there can be a form of mild discomfort during laser hair removal treatment, but it is just that, discomfort, as opposed to outright pain.

The type and color of skin will have a bearing on the level of discomfort during laser hair removal treatment; that is, those with darker tones and hair will probably feel more of stinging than those with finer, lighter hair, as the treatment will need to be slightly more intense for the laser hair removal treatment to work effectively.

There are a number of methods employed by laser technicians to counter any discomfort felt during laser treatment, including soothing the skin with an ice pack or by using a topical anesthetic. In addition, the laser machines are typically fitted with cooling systems and gel or spray is used on the laser tips to increase ease of travel and comfort for the patient.

Whatever the discomfort level felt, after the laser hair removal treatment has been completed, there is temporary redness of the treated area, much like a mild sunburn.

In general, laser hair removal is a safe and painless form of hair removal treatment and most people with the correct skin pigmentation respond well to multiple treatments to leave their skin smooth and hair-free.

Many laser hair removal clinics have websites and generally offer free consultations, whereby spot tests are carried out on a suitable area of the skin to see how the patient responds.

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