How Can Laser Remove Hair?


The main principal about how laser hair removal is done is by using the power of laser to heat and damage the area that causes hair growth. The advantage, and where all the concept takes place, is that laser permits localized damage without damaging neighboring cells. The dermal papilla is the part of the hair that needs to be destroyed for the hair to never grow again.

However, the light beam can only penetrate 2 mm deep in the skin. This fact made a big controversy since many clinics claim permanent hair removal. Since the dermal papilla is located at about 8 mm deep in the skin, the laser can’t really reach the good target and the hair would, in theory, grow again. So what laser hair removal clinics call permanent removal is more like a long term removal as the hair cell is destroyed for a long period of time.  The FDA (Food and Drug Association) has then restricted the use by clinics of the term “permanent removal”, while “permanent reduction” is accepted.

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Types of Laser to Removal The Hair

Several different lights are used to remove hair. Basically, they are Aragon, Ruby, Alexandrite, Pulsed diode array and Nd:YAG. The pulse width is important in choosing the right width as a longer pulse width is safer with darker skins. The spot size is another important consideration as normally, for a target that is 8mm deep the width of the beam is going to be 4 times larger, about 32 mm width.

Repeating the laser shot on the same target is believed to give better results as a thermal relaxation time is known to improve results. For example, shooting four times at the same place with a minimal pause between each shot would improve the results, as in laser back hair removal techniques.

Hair Removal in Several Sessions

Having numerous sessions in the hair removal process depends on many factors but basically the major playing factors are the region that is treated and the gender. Pubic hair removal and back hair removal for men are two regions where it is important to insist with several sessions, usually 4 to 6 are enough. Intervals between also depend on the area of treatment and are spaced progressively. Usually, 6 to 8 weeks are enough at the beginning of the treatment.

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