Is Laser Wrinkle Removal All It’s Claimed to Be?


Laser wrinkle removal is one of the more recent wrinkle removal techniques to have appeared on the market. There have been wrinkle removal creams, lotions, and tonics around for as long as people have had, or worried about, wrinkles, which has been a long time. Some of these products or home remedies are effective, others do very little, and still others can make one’s situation even worse. It can be helpful to take a brief look at several other popular wrinkle removal techniques so that a comparison can be made with a laser wrinkle removal process.

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Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Creams, Lotions, And Peels – Topical creams and lotions based on vitamin concentrations are very popular, with topical vitamin A cremes resulting in wrinkle reduction when used consistently, although actual wrinkle removal will in most instances not be a result.Hydroxy acid peels are fairly effective. There are many types and strengths of these acid peels which serve to promote peeling of the outer layers of the skin when applied. Deep wrinkles will not noticeably be affected, but some smoothing of the skin is generally achieved, often resulting in a fresher and younger appearance.

Why Wrinkles Form – Wrinkles result from the breakdown of collagen in the tissue of the skin. This breakdown is mainly the result of the skin being constantly folded, bent, or stressed, as we smile, frown, squint, or do much of anything for that matter. The weather, especially the wind and sun can also damage the collagen, responsible for building up skin tissue, and can have the effect of diminishing the elasticity of the skin. Hence, wrinkles appear.

Two Kinds Of Laser Wrinkle Removal Surgery – So, just how does laser wrinkle removal work? A laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) beam, focused on a tiny area of the skin, will do one of two things depending upon the type of laser being used. One type of laser beam, and ablative laser, removes the top layers of the skin, effectively smoothing the skin out, but not necessarily doing all that much for deeper wrinkles. The other type of laser, non-ablative lasers, stimulate the tissue of the skin in a manner which encourages the collagen in the skin layers to grow and fill in any wrinkles.

The laser type which works to resurface the skin is the safer of the two techniques, while the type which works more deeply in the tissue, restoring collagen, is much more effective, but more risky as well. A laser in less experienced hands can cause considerable damage to the skin, and this needs to be fully taken into account if laser wrinkle removal is being contemplated.

Bear in mind that laser wrinkle removal is a type of surgery, and as is the case with any surgery there are risks and there is a recovery time involved. In addition, laser wrinkle removal is not always permanent although the results may hold up for a number of years.

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