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Acne Scaring

Scars from acne can seem like double punishment — first you had to deal with the pimples, now you have marks as a reminder.

It helps to understand the different kinds of acne so you can figure out what to do about different types of scarring: Acne lesions or pimples happen when the hair follicles (or “pores”) on the skin become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. A plugged follicle is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and create the red bumps and pus-filled red bumps known as pimples.

Acne comes in different forms:

  • mild acne, which refers to the whiteheads or blackheads that most of us get at various times
  • moderate acne, which includes red inflamed pimples called papules and red pimples with white centers called pustules
  • severe acne, which causes nodules — painful, pus-filled cysts or lumps — to appear under the skin

Most serious scarring is caused by the more severe forms of acne, with nodules more likely to leave permanent scars than other types of acne. Specific dermatological procedures to minimize acne scars will be determined by your physician based on:

  • Your age, overall health, and medical history
  • Severity of the scar
  • Type of scar
  • Your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies
  • Your opinion or preference

Although acne often is a chronic condition, even if it occurs only during adolescence, acne can leave life-long scars. Acne scars typically look like “ice pick” pit scars or craterlike scars. Although proper treatment for acne may help minimize scarring, several dermatological procedures may help to further minimize any acne scars, including the following:

To treat brown hyperpigmented scars, the laser works by penetrating deep into the dermis, where it will break up the brownish/purplish pigment left in the skin after a pimple heals. To treat atrophic (depression) acne scars, the laser penetrates the skin to target the building blocks of skin, namely collagen and fibroblasts, causing a controlled thermal injury that alters the structure of these building blocks. In time, they regenerate to repair acne scars and soften the edges of the the depression scar. For pigmented acne scars, the laser creates and auto-mechanical and auto-accoustic effect to breakup the pigmented lesions. Your body’s immune system will scavenge these particles to clear away the discoloration much faster than normal.

Acne Scaring Reduction in Colorado Springs