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Laser Hair Removal in Colorado Springs

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Giving You A New Image

A New Image Laser and Skin Care Clinic is proud to provide you with the most cutting-edge laser hair removal, facial services in Colorado Springs. We support our . clients throughout their program and have found a high rate of compliance resulting in subsequent improvement. Patient payment plans for 3, 6, or 12 months at no interest and no payments are available through CareCredit. You can apply online for instant credit.

Laser Treatment and Skin Care Services

Laser Hair Removal in Colorado Springs

Laser hair removal treatments are done in packages to insure the treatment of the hair in its active growth cycle. Often 3 to 6 treatments are recommended.

Cellulite Reduction in Colorado Springs

For Cellulite Reduction we offer a wide range of non-surgical body sculpting treatments that can help you reduce localized fat, while tightening and contouring the body.

Electrolysis in Colorado Springs

Electrolysis is a way of removing individual hairs from the face or body . Today's medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy.

Skin Rejuvenation in Colorado Springs

We offer our clients a range of services that are geared toward improving overall skin health, and rejuvenating and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Ear Piercing in Colorado Springs

Ear piercing is something which is highly common and provides you with a whole avenue of options in itself and we provide a safe, clean method for your piercing.

Spider Vein Treatment in Colorado Springs

If you have visible veins on your face, legs or thighs that have a branching or weblike pattern, you may want to consider our effective spider vein treatment.

Photo Facial Treatment in Colorado Springs

Photo facials have a number of different uses, but are mostly used for treating brown spots, broken capillaries, and boosting collagen.

Acne Scaring Reduction  in Colorado Springs

To treat brown acne scars, the laser works by penetrating deep into the dermis, where it will break up the brownish/purplish pigment left in the skin after a pimple heals.

Laser Hair Removal Membership

A New Image Laser and Skin Care Clinic is offering membership plans that probably is the least expensive way to do Laser Hair Removal that ANYONE in Colorado Springs offers.